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Hello, does MMR have a possibility to send data using wires, like I2C or SPI? We've wish to integrate MMR into our PCB and there is no need for the BT communication. Thank you


  • Yes it does. Please read our tutorials and datasheets.

  • Hello!
    I2C contacts are on the board, but the documentation suggests that they are there for adding sensors, not communication with the MMR. I can't find any tutorial about wired communication, can you point me to some example?
    Thank you

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    Well you can't send commands to the MMR via the SPI/I2C.

    What we mean by "adding a sensor" is that the SPI/I2C line is to add peripherals and sensors to the MMR on that line.

    Take a UV sensor for example. You can add it to the MMR SPI/I2C bus and then send it commands as per the UV sensor spec.

    Here is an example:
    1. You could add this sensor to the MMR (attach the power and I2C proper)
    - https://www.adafruit.com/product/3964
    2. Then you can read the datasheet and information here:
    - https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-veml6075-uva-uvb-uv-index-sensor/overview.
    3. Learn how to interact with it and the I2C commands you need to send to retrieve UV data.
    - https://cdn.sparkfun.com/assets/3/c/3/2/f/veml6075.pdf
    3. Then implement it on the MMR:
    - https://mbientlab.com/cppdocs/latest/i2c.html

  • Thank you. As questioned - we wish to use SPP/I2C intead of the BT for communication with our gateway. Therefore: MMR using SPP/I2C sending all of its sensor data to gateway. Based on what you have wrote that is not possible, right? I just wish to be 100% sure because we are in hurry currently, sorry.

  • No this is not possible.

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