signal processing in MetaBase app

I have used the data acquired from the MetaBase app (accelerometer and gyroscope) for arm movement analysis, and then made the same analysis using the data acquired according to your example code for streaming.
after plotting both signals I have noticed there is a difference between them. it seems like the data from the MetaBase app went through some kind of noise filtering.
if possible, it will be very helpful to know what kind of signal processing is being made?
I need to recreate the results using my own app for a university course.



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    Are you using the Windows, iOS or Android version?

    I checked the code in iOS and the data is coming in raw, it is NOT filtered at all.

  • I am using the android app.
    is there any filtering there?

  • Metabase doesn't filter the sensor data.

  • @Eric said:
    Metabase doesn't filter the sensor data.

    We checked the code for WIndows and Android and there are no filters. The data you get is the raw data straight from the sensors.

  • ok, I understand
    thank you for your help!

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