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I was unable to update my newly received C-Pro to current firmware using the android app. I inquired via the website contact form and was advised to use iOS. I can use a coworker's phone, but was curious if I could just use the manual update option with a file downloaded from firmware/current online.

If so, would I use the hex or the bin version? Or perhaps these files are only for use with the SDK, not the app?

My current version is 1.0.4.

Thanks for any suggestions.


  • What is the issue you are having with the firmware update?
  • It said "upgrading, please wait" but stays at 0/100, then "reconnecting" and then "DFU failed unable to write op code error 1032" in my notifications.
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    That is pretty bizarre. A couple of questions about your situation:
    • What device and and Android OS are you using?
    • Does your co-worker's phone successfully update the board?
    You can try a manual update but I doubt it will make a difference.  This URL will point you to the latest available firmware hex file for C-Pro. 
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    HTC One m8 (sprint) running 5.1.1. I'm not in my usual building this week so I'm not sure I'll get a chance to try a co-workers phone until next week. My phone is rooted and running a cyanogen 12.1 release (not nightly build); I could try on the stock os?

    Thought: does the app need root privileges?
  • Just tried the manual way. It goes through the same process, though this time I can see a message pop up at the bottom of the app in the background during the "reconnecting" phase. It says "Error connecting to device 129."
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    Progress! My wife's phone worked. I did notice it prompted for location access on her phone, but don't recall it doing that on mine.

    I'm at 1.2.1 now, though the original reason I emailed Mbient was because I get the error "Color Detector module (sensor) is not supported on this board)". It seems to be on the specs for the C/CPro:

    Lite-On LTR329 color and light sensor (PRO ONLY) 

    The response to my inquiry was to upgrade the firmware, but this hasn't seemed to solve the issue. I can start a new thread if you prefer; otherwise, is this not implemented yet or is there something I've missed?
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    The app only requires Bluetooth permission to do the update, and location permission on Android M. I am not familiar with the cyanogen builds so I have no idea how well their Bluetooth stack works.

    Ltr329 is an ambient light sensor. Where did you see it described as a color sensor? The PDF spec sheet and the store page both describe it as a light sensor.

    The tcs34725 color detector is on the Env board:
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    Re. the firmware, I'm all set. While I don't really get it and found it a bit frustrating, it's done so I'm a happy camper.

    The reference to the LTR329 is right on your C series page.


    I now see that the spec sheet matrix limits this feature to the Env board, but it is on the C page, which also features this line:

    > The MetaWear C series comes in 2 flavors, the MetaWear C, and the MetaWear CPRO. 

    It didn't occur to me that features would be listed for non-C/CPro families on the C/CPro page that says there are two versions, the C and CPro (not Env or R). Then again, there's mention of the R on the C/CPro page, so maybe I should have known better?

    While we're discussing features, should the BMP280 temperature be available in the MetaWear app? I don't see anything on the screen when logging is on and I've selected that as the temperature source. The C/CPro page describes it as a "barometer and temperature sensor," but I see the spec sheet only refers to it as a barometer.

  • I apologize for the confusion; the C webpage will reworded to avoid similar confusion and correct any discrepancies.

    Yes, the BMP280 is a temperature sensor.  It needs to be started before it can read temperature.  You can switch to the barometer panel, start it, then switch back to the temperature panel.  I will streamline the process in the next update.
  • Thanks for updating, and for the quick info on getting up and running. Can't wait to put this to use for my applications!
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