Beacon RSSI

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to scan other beacons and measure their RSSI via the Metawear devices?


  • Please read the FAQ, specifically the Capabilities section.  The FAQ addresses a few beacon questions.
  • Thanks for quick answer.
    I have seen the FAQ and I wanted to become sure.

    Can the MetaWear interact with or sense other beacons?

    No, the MetaWear is a slave device. It only advertises as a beacon.

    So, is this a negative answer to my question? Are there any other ways around?

    I want to test some indoor positioning algorithms on Metawear devices.

  • Yes, that is a negative.  No, there are no workarounds with the standard firmware.
  • This seems odd for a prototyping platform, since many applications such as positioning, tracking and healthcare may need the device to interact with BLE beacons.

    Anyway, thank you again for answers.

  • What specific applications do you have in mind that would require the device to interact with other beacons.
  • Estimating the position of a user by analyzing the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) values from some BLE beacons, or simply estimating the distance from a specific beacon.
    This method is a common practice in indoor positioning techniques.
  • If I'm at a museum or in a connected building, why would I need to carry yet another wearable / beacon solution when my phone can accomplish this with the app corresponding to the venue?  On top of that, phones have the battery capacity to sustain constant scanning.

    MetaWear is designed to be the beacon that you place in a building where the power benefits of Bluetooth LE can let it run on a single coin cell battery.
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