Multiple Metaweas kits with one android application


I am going to connect two Metawear kits with one android application which is based on MetaWear SDK. Does anybody try this? 

I guess that and will be edited to support two controllers... but I still don't understand relationships of this sdks.. It would be great if you give some comments.



  • The android api does not currently support multiple devices at the moment.  It is on the todo list.
  • Eric,

    Okay, I will test with two cell phones at this moment. Can you tell me when it is possible to support multiple devices?

  • +one. 

    Any news when you plan supporting multiple devices for android?
  • To Mistra:
    Just in case, you still need it. I was abel to connect two devices by duplicating the MetaWearBleService for each device. Still needs some testing. But as a quick solution it might be ok. 

  • It is coming.  Code has been added to support it so it's all down to testing now.
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