Connecting multiple Metawear sensors to an iOS Device

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How to connect multiple Metawear sensors to an iOS device at the same time and get the combined data for them using Swift language?


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  • Please help me to provide the swift code for connecting multiple sensors at the same time and get the combined data
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    Even I am looking for the same thing to collect the data for the 2-3 synchronized Metawear boards to the iOS app (using Swift language). Please guide how to do so !
  • The program flow for connecting and streaming from one device is the same for multiple!

    You will just need to call connectWithHandler: for each device you want to gather data from and then startNotificationsWithHandlerAsync: on the data of interest.  If you need to combine the data, then pass the data to a single manager object.
  • I tried the same way as you mentioned above. I am able to connect multiple sensors to a device and I am able to get the data from only one sensor at a time. But what I want is to connect multiple sensors simultaneously (at the same time) and then get synchronized data.
  • The blog post in the above post gives tips on how to post-process the data to synchronize the timestamps.
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    The above post did not help. I have posted the new query along with the code in a new discussion. Please help.

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