Win 10 (running on virtual machine) does not see metawear C pro from bluetooth setting


I was trying to follow the UWP C# SDK tutorial from and got stuck until I hit the step to test the app.

I was not able to connect to metawear C pro since the win 10 can never detect its existence. I am currently using macbook pro (El Capitan) with BLE support and I can see the device using LightBlue app. 

However, the device is not available when I run a win10 from parallel virtual machine. May I ask if this is the problem of virtual machine or I will need a BLE USB dongle to do so? All the drivers are up-to-date.

Many thanks!


  • It seems unlikely that a modern VM would be unable to utilize the host Bluetooth device.  You should check out the Parallel's documentation to see how to enable Bluetooth support on the guest OS.
  • Eric, thanks for the reply but I have already enabled the Bluetooth support on parallel already. 
    The Bluetooth on win10 can only detect the smart tv box in my flat and it is strange that it doesnt show I have connected  a pair of wireless keyboard and trackpad. It also not be able to see my jabra bluetooth speaker as well so I just wonder if this is the problem of the virtual machine.

    I had looked into my bluetooth drivers on win 10 and they are listed below:
    1. Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator
    2. Microsoft Wireless Transceiver for Bluetooth
  • There's not much help we can provide at this point; you should instead ask this question on the Parallel's forums.  Again, I highly doubt that this is can't be done in a modern VM but this is better suited to be handled by the Parallel's community.
  • I'd like to jump in and say, firstly, make sure you have a Bluetooth LE dongle, as CPro doesn't work with just Bluetooth. Secondly, Windows 8/10 unlike other OS' like Android or iOS needs to pair with the device before it will show it to any app, let alone a VM (if indeed the VM can see it). My appologies if this is too obvious.
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