Acc/Gyro and GPIO Input Limits

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What are the limitations on streaming sensor data? I am currently trying to pull Acc and Gyro data at about 50Hz and then I would like to pull 4 GPIO pins at 20Hz but I am experience issues with GPIO data coming in at the expected rate. 


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    Checkout the "Sensors" section in the FAQ.
  • Thanks, so would there be a way to log data to the board at a high rate and then download the logs repeatedly at a slower rate?
  • You could but you will eventually fill up the log.
  • Eric, what is your best recommendation for recording large amounts of data, say 30 minutes' worth, over multiple devices? I know onboard flash on RPro can hold only 2 minutes of accelerometry at 50 Hz, +/-2g. I haven't found much in the iOS API in the way of writing over GPIO. 

    Is this hardware design intended to record data primarily over BLE streaming?
  • Record at lower frequencies or pick up a MetaMotion board, which comes with 2MB external flash memory.  If your mobile device is close enough to the board and can handle a 100Hz Bluetooth LE data stream, you can try streaming the data live.
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