MetaWear R for science

I would like to use the MetaWear R as a tool to collect data in the social sciences by using it in an event-contingent sampling procedure applying an experience sampling approach (i.e., electronic daily diary which stores the keypress with timestamp whenever a predefined event happens in the participant’s everyday life, for example a research question could be: How often do people laugh in their everyday life?. So, whenever a participant laughs, he/she presses the button of the MetaWear and the timestamp is logged in the memory.)

Therefore, the MetaWear R only has two fulfill two tasks:
1) Log each button press with timestamp in the onboard memory
2) Download the logfile when connected to the Smartphone

Does anybody has an easy solution for this, or maybe has already realized a similar project. If anybody is interested in a scientific collaboration on this, he/she is very much welcome.

Stefan Stieger
University of Konstanz


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    Implementing the two requirements is pretty straightforward using the MetaWear API.  The majority of the work will come from app related tasks such as making the app presentable and moving the downloaded data from the phone to the researcher's server.  You can check out the sample app for working code using the switch.

    If you don't have a developer on your team, we also provide some app developerment services.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding that service.
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