MetaTracker TCS34725

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The research group I'm with currently purchased MetaTrackers in order to collect color data. According to the product page, it has the TCS34725 (RGB Sensor) which is capable of collecting light and color data. However, using the MetaWear app's Color Detector function yields "Error: Color Detector (sensor) is not supported on this board." Is this due to the functionality not being coded for the MetaTracker r0.2 or does the board have an LTR-329ALS (Light Sensor) instead for this revision? 

Also, clicking on the datasheet link: yields a 404 error.

Here's my board's info for reference:


  • The MetaTracker uses the LTR329 ambient light sensor.  MetaEnvironment boards have the TCS34725 color sensor however those are only available in bulk quantities.  If you are looking for the color sensor, please contact us directly for more information.

    The datasheet link should be:

    I've let the team know about the incorrect store listing and it will be corrected.
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