Source code for metabse app


I found the source for for metawear app is available in github. I am just wondering is any source code it available for MetaBase app. I find it quite useful for Metawear app. I need to implement multi-sensor streaming which I found is available in MetaBase app. The source code would be very useful for my application where I can customize some features. 


  • Please contact MbientLab directly for MetaBase source code.
  • Thanks Eric,

    I contacted them and they said they sell it with high price. I figured out the streaming option. Now I wanted to know the process of selecting multiple devices. So, I can stream from multiple device in parallel. Can you please help me on this?
  • What do you have so far?
  • My target is to stream long-term data from Accelerator and Gyroscope from multiple meta-sensor. from one meta-sensor it is working fine.
  • What I mean is, codewise what do you have thus far?
  • Codewise I mostly followed this tutorial:

    So, I have little extended version of the code suggested in this link
  • A simple change you can make to that guide's app is to have the ScannerActivity only transition to the main activity when a certain number of devices have been selected.  The app currently transitions as soon as the first device has connected.

    Alternatively, you can modify the app such that the ScannerActivity is not the first screen but instead a screen that is opened when the user wants to add a new device.  See this tutorial app:
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