Firmware v1.3.4

Firmware v1.3.4 updates the non-metamotion boards with v1.3 features (minus sensor fusion specific items) and adds a new features for the boards.


  • Magnetometer starts in suspend mode instead of sleep mode.  
    • The SDKs are being updated to account for this change
    • If using an older SDK, manually put the magnetometer into sleep mode first, then configure it
  • Added accounter, packer, and high pass filter
    • Accounter adds additional information to the packet for timestamp reconstruction in a data stream
    • Packer generalizes the packed output modes used by the accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer for all sensors
    • Only use the accounter and packer for streaming purposes
  • Low pass filter (average processor) can accept multi-component data i.e. accelerometer values
  • Fixed a bug with DFU not clearing the macro system
  • Implemented feature to pause the logger
  • Plugging in USB power will also wake the board from sleep mode in addition to the button
  • Enables power and charge status features on MetaWear RG boards (hardware v0.5)


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