Pairing metawear

can i pair metawear with my android device?
because when i try, its shows "pairing rejected by Metawear"
i want to pair because, it takes lot of time to reconnect normally. in general once pairing is done re-connection is much faster.


  • No, you cannot.

  • ok there is no way i can pair metawear with android phone.
    can i somehow reduce the time it takes to reconnect, after disconnect it calls scanner method and then connection happen this process takes time.

  • Why are you doing a scan before reconnecting? You already have the MetaWear and BluetoothDevice objects.

  • okay.I am calling attemptReconnect() method on onServiceDisoconnect

    public void onServiceDisconnected(ComponentName name) {
    but reconnection takes a long time.

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    Why are you calling attemptReconnect in the onServiceDisconnected callback function?

    Follow how the sample app handles reconnects.

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    Okay let me try

  • following sample code where attemptReconnect is called

        public void onServiceConected(ComponentName name, IBinder service){
        mwBoard.onUnexpectedDisconnect(status -> attemptReconnect());

    re-connection should happen automatically after disconnect.
    many times device goes out of the range and should be able to connect itself when board comes back in the range.
    I try find reconnect code in sample app, i could find that attemptReconnect is only called.

  • Hi All (and Eric, especially, as they told me your are the Android tab expert),
    I have two MetaWearRG boards. The one I bought 5 years ago works fine with two Android tablets, a Huawei tablet running Android 6 and an older Samsung Tab3 running Android 4.4. The newer RG, bought less than a year old, runs only with the older tablet/Android version. By run, I mean pairs, connects to Metabase for diags, etc. Any ideas?

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