Number of log entries

Is there any way to query the number of entries in the log, or remaining capacity without starting download? I'm interested in querying from smartphone as well as from boot-up macro while running offline.
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  • No, this information is not exposed.

  • Thanks, Eric, for a clear answer. There was getLogCapacity() in 2.x API, has it been abandoned for good?
    Would it be possible to stop log download without disconnecting? Or request to download a defined number of entries?

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    1. Yes, log capacity is no longer exposed to the user
    2. No
    3. No

    What is your use case for partial downloads?

  • What is your use case for partial downloads?

    You expose the total number of entries in the log download update, so the workaround could be to start download with high update frequency and then drop it as soon as I've got the total number of entries.

    What is the reason to stop exposing log capacity? In one of the cases I simply want to implement "memory almost full" warning for log.

  • From past experiences, a majority of users just want to start a log session then collect the data at some later point in time, and all this extra logger information simply confuses them. Even minimal exposure through download progress updates confuses some users.

    Rather than continually explaining how the logger works, it is recommended that users estimate how long they can log data and schedule periodic downloads based on that duration.

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