C Will not connect to Metahub

Looking for help connecting the C board to the meta hub. I followed the directions in the tutorial exactly and have had no luck with all four the sensors we have. I double and triple checked the MAC and I had it correct. Any suggestions?


  • Which steps of the tutorial aren't working for you? Post the messages outputted to the console.

    See if you can connect to the boards with the MetaBase app on Android / iOS / Windows.

  • I can connect to all four of the boards with the app without any problems. After I go and open the meta hub app after changing the MAC in the document I get an error message. ill have to reconnect everything for a photo.

  • Ah ok, this is a bug with the current image; we'll fix this in the next image update. For now, you can either run MetaBase from the command line, see tutorials, or using the file explorer:

    1. Navigate to /home/pi/bin
    2. Open metabase with a text editor
    3. Prepend sudo to the npm start command
  • No luck running from the command line I have tried and nothing happens.

    • Again, post the messages displayed in the console.
    • Did you edit the metabase file as I suggested?
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