Battery Life MetaMotionC estimate

I have a MetaMotionC.
I want to carry out a series of tests that measure temperature and pressure.
The mobile app will connect to the metamotionC over bluetooth for two hours and log temperature and pressure.
I can then turn off the mobile app.

I see from the specs that in sleep mode (presumably, when the mobile app isn't connected) the battery can last 6 months.

How long would the battery last if I'm continuously measuring temperature and pressure with a bluetooth connection?

I would like to be able to do occasional 2 hour tests over a period of 3 months.

(I have a situation where it is very difficult to replase the battery.)

Many thanks,
John A.


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    We do not have estimates we can provide you. It is up to you to get a fresh battery and calculate this yourself using a DMM or similar tool.
    Everyone uses the sensors differently and the lifetime of the device depends on sensors, frequencies/sampling rates, download versus streaming, # of Bluetooth connections and connections times... IT IS HIGHLY COMPLICATED and there are too many variables.
    So take a moment and do the measurement yourself, you will learn a lot!

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