[How To] Report an Issue

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Don't forget to check the tutorials first.

If you are creating a post to a report an issue, search the forums first. It is likely someone has already asked a similar question.

If no previous post exists, then create a new post that follows the below guidelines.


Use a descriptive title that summarizes the issue. Keep it under 80 characters.

Board Information

Provide the following information about your hardware:

  • Hardware revision [0.1]
  • Firmware revision [1.4.4]
  • Model number [5]

If unsure, use the MetaBase app's board diagnostic screen.

Host Device Information

Provided the following information about the host device connecting to the sensors:

  • Device model [Google Pixel]
  • OS version [Android 9 / security patch June 5, 2019]

If you're on a Windows device, the Bluetooth chip could be helpful.


Answer these questions:

  1. What is the expected behavior?
  2. What is observed behavior?
  3. What is the set of steps that produces the observed behavior?
    • We should be able to follow these steps and observe the same behavior

Make sure you also post data that demonstrates your issue. Don't just only tell us about the problem.


Provide some app specific information such as:

  • log outputs
  • stack traces
  • app version
  • screen shots

Don't forget to send a diagnostic report from the device information panel.


Since developers have their own coding style, projects and environments, SDK issues will probably be more difficult to nail down. As such, it will greatly speed up discussions if you can provide us with more details than usual.

In particular, please give us the:

  • SDK version
  • Development platform / Runtime environment
  • Self contained piece of metawear SDK calls that replicates the issue

    • We should able to copy/paste the code and run it ourselves with minimal effort
  • Output from stdout/stderr


  • Also, provide pictures, snapshots, screenshots, data excerpts if you have them. Visuals go a long way!
    Anything you can send us to reproduce the failure is of upmost importance.

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