Changing euler frequency

Is it possible to change the euler angles samples frequency using python?


  • Yes it is. Sensor fusion comes out at a default 100Hz but you can downsample using our APIs such as:

  • is it possible doing so in python as well?

  • Yes but you will need to use our APIs to downsample. For example, you can use the accumulator/averager processor to add 10 sensor fusion data points together effectively reducing the sample rate to 10Hz.

    Please see our tutorials and API doc for more. I updated the python example this weekend as well.

  • great, thanks.

    if i have 2 metamotionR sensors and i want to stream+log 10Hz euler for each.. is it possible? can't seem to find and example for this.
    i did manage to stream at 100Hz from both sensors but what function is logging to csv in parallel to the stream?

  • @dorlev22
    Yes this is possible.
    I am not sure I understand your second question, can you elaborate?

  • I managed to do so! (wanted to update a csv file with the output from the sensors..)

    thanks for all the help

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