Set sensor fusion mode with metabase app

How can I set the fusion mode using the Metabase app? I’m using the metabase app because I’m not a developer but need ndof mode - absolute orientation (relative to Earth’s magnetic field).


  • Please see our tutorials and watch the videos:
    You can then select quaternions or euler as the output.
    If you want to have a very specific setting for the output of the sensor fusion, you need to use our APIs (this requires coding).

  • I need absolute values (relative to earth’s magnetic field). Neither quaternions or euler help with that. I bought the sensors because the tutorial says ndof mode gives absolute. I didn’t realize I would have to code to select that mode. Are there any future upgrades planned for the metabase app to allow it to choose one of the 4 sensor fusion modes listed in the tutorials?

  • You definitely have to code that yourself because there are many different options for sensor fusion.
    We have pre-made examples for you in a number of languages:

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