save recorded data on the pc

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after recording from the accelerometer and gyroscope, how can I save the data to my pc? can anyone help me with some example scripts?


  • You can use the Windows MetaBase App for this if you don't want to code.
    We are going to remove support for Windows but in the meantime you could use our Python and C# APIs to do this. Just use our examples to get the data and then google-fu ways to export json data to csv or similar (whatever you need).

  • Thanks for the reply,
    I run the example scripts from the command line, obviously the results appear after the execution, but is a json file saved? if yes, where?
    I apologize for the question (perhaps trivial) but I can't find anything that can help me.

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    Does the example code export the data in json format? What does the code do?
    You probably have to code this capability yourself if the code just exports the data to the screen.

  • no, it does not export data in json format. I couldn't find an example script that could give me some ideas.
    Are there any sample scripts to draw inspiration from?

  • google-fu since exporting data to json is not really a sensor thing, just a general coding thing.

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