how to save data from logger?

I was able to get some data. I see that in these lines of code:

I can print the results. how do i save these values ​​i see which are contained in p?
i try to export the data to an output file but i can't give the correct input to json.dump ()


  • Hey, this is general coding questions; not questions related to our APIs or sensors. Can you post on stackoverflow or just take some coding classes until you are more comfortable with the language?

  • Hi! I am facing the same problem. And I have seen that another person had the same issue:
    I understand it might be a python problem, but it would be nice to have a hint or a similar use case where I could learn from. Thanks for finding time to reply to my question

  • Google-fu friends. There are many amazing tutorials to teach you to code on the internet much better than I ever could.

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