Sensor bricked? any troubleshooting?

I cannot see my MetaMotionS sensor when trying adding a device with the MetaBase app.
This sensor went through the exact same process as the 12 others.
1) Reception of the MetaMotionS devices presumably in sleep mode.
2) regular charge every 2 weeks until
3) a 3-h experiments.
4) left on my desk for 1 week before
5) a 1-day charging session (sensors connected to computer using the provided USB cables)
6) I have switched all the devices on sleep mode for storing, except the one that I cannot detect.

I am not sure whether this sensor has ever appeared on the MetaBase application, neither collected data, since I ended up not using all the 13 sensors for my experiment.

I have of course tested all the troubleshooting suggested elsewhere ( I suspect that the sensor is bricked or that the LiPo is dead (after few weeks / 1 use).
Is there anything I can do to revive my sensor?



  • Please see

  • Hi
    Isn't it the same link I was pointing to?
    In the course of desperate troubleshooting, involving, removing/uploading the MetaBase application, maintaining the device on charge for hours, playing with the Bluetooth of my smartphone, changing the USB cable, pushing the button erratically, shaking the devices, etc..., the sensor appeared on the App for 3 seconds and disappeared for ever.
    Should I open the case to check the connection?

  • You can open the case to see if maybe something has happened (puffed battery, severed cables).
    I can't really comment without you sharing actual data and pictures since I don't have the device myself.

    If you have tools, you can check if the battery is still providing around 3V.
    Typically it is the battery that will die before anything else on our boards so I would look into that first.

    If you are still under warranty with us, you can send it in the device for repair (30 days from purchase date). If not, you can get a technical friend to help you replace the battery.

  • Hi Laura. Thanks for the answer. Puffy battery, after 2 charges, and 0-3 hours of using?
    I got the sensors for more than 30 days so I guess my only option is to check inside. I will do it as soon as I can and provide pictures.

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    Can you email me at hello[at]mbientlab and give me the info about your order, your puffy battery and so on (include this thread and a pic and history of usage). We might be able to send you a replacement battery if you feel comfortable soldering a new one yourself. If not, you can send me your defunct battery and I will solder a new one for you but we need to work out the details via email first.

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