Problems with Bluetooth dongles


I am currently working on a project with the MMC's. We have 20 MMC's that we want to control via two Pi's. For this we have two Bluetooth dongles each. But currently I am not able to connect to more than 5 MMC's per Pi, the dongles are not used for the connection. I have also tried all the troubleshooting instructions, but unfortunately it has not helped. The dongles are detected correctly, the correct software is installed (bluez) and the firmware (v1.5.1) is up to date.


  • Did you look at the dongle example in github?

  • I could fix it, assigned the mac address manually with hci_mac. But unfortunately it didn't work automatically.

  • That sounds right, you would need to do some minor adjustments to our code base to work with your dongles.

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