Stuck in MetaBoot mode


We have some MetaMotionR sensors purchased in 2019, the firmware version is 1.3.7 (check the attached screenshot for detailed info), I tried to update the firmware using MetaBase, however, the sensor is now stuck in the "MetaBoot" mode (also attached a screenshot).
Can someone help me fixing this issue?

Besides, what is the proper way to update from 1.3.7 to the latest firmware?

Thank you!


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    Is the way described in this post still effective? I don't have soldering experiences, is it required to remove the battery and put it back?


  • hey @peacesheet,
    2 things.
    1. The MMR is older and it cannot be updated to the latest firmware (it is for the MMS and MMRL only). I believe you are already at the latest firmware version.
    2. If you are stuck in metaboot, you do NOT need to touch the battery or solder anything. It is likely your sensor is working fine but your smartphone has cached the device state. Is there another phone you can use for now?

  • Hi there, what is the resolution to this issue? This is happening with our MMC, thanks.

  • @anthonybenking,
    Please get a new coin cell battery and connect with a different smartphone.
    You can also try to update the firmware but it's likely your cell phone has cached the state and it's not actually in metaboot. In that case, only using a diff phone will work in the short term.

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