Problems with example

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I used the example to stream data with the MMS sensor. Unfortunately it returns me a segmentation error, I don't know why because I simply run the example code. Also, If I run the code, it works well.
Can anyone help me or tell me how I can solve this problem?



  • I have the same problem.

    Model MetaMotion S
    Model # 8
    Firmware 1.7.2
    Hardware 0.1
    Serial # 05675B

    Computing environment:
    MetaHub OS ( downloaded 20-Jan-2022) on a Raspberry Pi Model 4

    pi@rpi:~ $ python3 Documents/MetaWear-SDK-Python/examples/ D3:E5:4D:92:70:B0
    error 1660638565.010733: Error on line: 296 (src/ Operation now in progress
    Services disconvered
    Characteristics discovered
    Descriptors found
    Connected to D3:E5:4D:92:70:B0
    Configuring device
    Configuring acc
    Packed signal
    Segmentation fault

    On I read: "There is currently an issue with the MMS that requires that packed mode be turned of. Please see this code here. and undo this change."

    Can someone from MbientLab comment on this please. Must we wait for a new firmware release, or what?


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