Metaware C Firmware architecture

Hi all ,

We need to increase the logging buffer size of Metawear C board inside the Firmware. 
As mbientLab mentioned already, Metaware board's firmware are not open source
So, We are forced to develop new firmware from scratch for Metaware C board. (Really it's messy) But planning to use the existing metawear API's. .

It will be great. if mbientlab provide Firmware and support the customer's in Firmware develpoment.

Anyone have information or Overview about the current Metawear C board firmware architecture.
Which Nordic soft Device used ?
Bootloader ?

Is it possible to change only the application code of firmware and keep the bootloader and softdevice remains same, to support the Firmware update from app.

If anyone have any information/details about Metawear C firmware. Please share your ideas


Best Regards,
Velmurugan S   


  • What do you mean by "increase the logging buffer size"?  As you have pointed out, developing your own firmware is a tedious task so it would be best to avoid going down this path if necessary.

    If you are intent on developing your own firmware, you can refer to our firmware guide to get started.
  • Hello Eric,

    Thanks for quick response

    Currently we don't know how the Metaware Board's firmware handle the sensor data's while logging (Data Format, Type of buffer,Read/write control). 
    For our application, We need circular buffer with better event trigger control. Also we need x number of data,  prior and after the event trigger.

    What is the logging buffer size of current firmware ?

    Is it possible for you to provide any information/outline of current firmware architecture.


    Best Regards,
    Velmurugan S 
  • Firmware specifics are not provided to the public; you should contact us directly with these requests.  We also do customize firmware for special requests which may be a cheaper alternative than doing the firmware yourself.
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