RPRO BMI160 Access and Offsets


I am currently running into an issue with the accelerometer data on the RPRO. I want to know if the offset for accelerometer and gyro are enabled on the BMI160. The bits are the gyro_off_en and acc_off_en. If not, is there a way to access the BMI160 on the SPI Bus to enable and get the values for the offsets and/or enable them.  I am currently using the iOS platform, and have not seen SPI access in the documents.



  • SPI access will be added in the next firmware update.  The acc and gyro offsets are not enabled by default.
  • Thanks Eric.  So will the only way to enable them be after the next firmware update?  Any suggestions for the mean time?  When is the next update looking to occur?
    1. Yes, through the SPI bridge.
    2. No, acc/gyro offsets are not exposed in the APIs.
    3. The next update will occur when the firmware is ready, sometime before the end of the month.
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