Use more metawear at the same time

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There's a way to use two or more metawear at the same time and archive the movement made?
If yes, how?
Find the metawear, I have made it.
Then I think to use AsyncTask to create separate "process" in background in which, each of them, make there own manipulation.
My doubt born from the use of the bound Service and MetaWearBoard.
Thanks for any suggestions


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    I have seen it but I made something a little different.
    For every MetaWear I have to run an AsyncTask.
    So, I don't understand when connect the device's MetaWearBoard. I have to create the Handler in the Activity where I found the MetaWears or it's better do it in the  AsyncTask where I detect the manipulation/movments?
    Because I have made some tests and I have problem with the connection of the MetaWearBoard.
  • It sounds like this is the first MetaWear app you are making.  If it is, you should first start with just trying to get one MetaWear to stream data, as outlined in the Android tutorial.

    Also, please post the code you currently have as it was facilitate in helping me understand where you are in your app.
  • It's not easy to post all the code but I was able to create the MetaWearBoard. The problem now is with BluetoothGatt: I'm fighting with the status 133.

    I have the Main class where with the bluetooth adapter (and manager), I search the device.
    Then, with a ListAdapter, I create the ListView. After that, for every item of the list, I have a button "start" which create the metawearboard and starts the asynctask. The asynctask then, get the Accelerometer Module.

    But I don't understand why I have the problem with the ConnectionGatt. 
  • What android device are you using and do you see the same gatt error when using the nRF connect app?
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