Android Sample App – Connecting Multiple Boards (No Graphing)

I have been using the Android Sample App, which allows you to connect a
single MetaWear board to an Android phone and use its full functionality.  I
was wondering: is there a way to get this app to work with multiple
MetaWear boards?  My specific use of the application will not include graphing the MetaWear data, but rather live-writing data from multiple MetaWear boards to the phone.


  • You will have to modify the app source code to connect to multiple devices, then update the individual fragments to interact with all of the connected boards and properly distribute the streamed data.

    Alternatively, you can use the MetaHub app which can stream data from 2 devices to CSV files.
  • Eric, when we tested the MetaHub app, it looked like it was logging to local memory, and then when we finished a recording, it would then upload from the connected boards to the smartphone for sharing. Can we stream (instead of logging) from the MetaHub app? 

    Also, is the MetaHub app's source available?
  • MetaHub streams data to the Android device.  Please contact us directly regarding the MetaHbu source code as it is not publicly available at the moment.

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