Bluetooth 5.1 direction finding

Is it possible to support direction finding after the new firmware update. Can we extract IQ signal data fron BLE packets?


  • In-phase and quadrature-phase information. Are you using nRF52811 SoC?

  • @nekos BLE 5.1 direction finding and long range are not supported on our existing products due to the chips they are based on. MMR and MMC use nRF52832. BLE5.1 offers channel selection algorithm #2 and 2MHz bandwidth.

  • Are there any Plans from the side of mbientlab to support direction finding in a future product?
    This would significantly improve the feasibility of the use case I am looking for.
    I just want to ask to get an idea when to invest more time in the project.

  • @Lomsor I have no concrete answer at this time. Note that with the introduction of nRF52833 there is an available SoC which supports both 5.1 direction finding and USB so it has recently become a possibility.

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