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ROM Kit – Joint Angle Measurement


This clinical grade sensing solution is a range of motion sensing kit. It works on all major joints of the body and calculates flexion/extension/rotation:

To measure ROM, two MMRL motion sensors are included in the kit:

BMI160 3-axis Accelerometer
BMI160 3-axis Gyroscope
BMM150 3-axis Magnetometer
BOSCH 9-axis IMU Sensor Fusion

This kit includes free access to the METAROM APP. The App works on iPad and iPhones and displays ROM data in 1D, 2D, and 3D in real-time. All data is recorded and stored on your device to be exported when you need it.

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  • 2x MMRL board with case
  • 1x Black zip-able carrying Case
  • 40x Clinical grade double-sided adhesive body tape
  • 1x Slap Band
  • 1x Small Velcro Sleeve
  • 2x Large Velcro Sleeve
  • 1x XX-Large Velcro Sleeve
  • 1x Dual USB Wall Charger
  • 1x Micro-USB Y Cable
  • Exclusive access to the MetaROM app


  • Perfect for joint ROM (angle) calculations.
  • Easy to use with MetaROM app.
  • Mix and match accessories for different joints.
  • EVA Case makes it easy to carry bundle.
  • Includes different Velcro Sleeve sizes.
  • Export flexion/extension/rotation data in seconds!

The MetaROM App works on iPads or iPhones. Just put the sensors on your patient, select the joint in the App, and get real time ROM joint angle measurements:

Start collecting range of motion data instantly. Get real-time 3D motion tracking of joint angles (only one joint at a time).

Enjoy various accessories to use in different body parts, this bundle is perfect for research including trials, therapy, sports, and fitness.


  • Limited warranty. See our terms.
  • If you have issues with your order, please contact us at
  • Note: Sensor is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease/condition.

For all customers:

  • You will be responsible for all the local taxes and custom duty
  • Return shipping will be paid by the customers

Sensors are designed in San Francisco, CA and assembled/manufactured in U.S.A, China and Korea.


– Ships in 2-3 business days when in stock
– Ships via UPS and USPS


– Weight w/ case: 16oz


– White plastic case. IP40 Water resistant. Snapable
– Dimensions w/ case: L: 1.42in / 36mm x W: 1.06in / 27mm x H: 0.39in / 10mm
– Dimensions w/out case: L: 1.13in / 29mm x W: 0.7in / 18mm x H: 0.24in / 6mm


– 100mAH micro-USB rechargeable lipo battery (included)

Carrying Case

– L: 8.5in / 22cm x W: 5.5in / 13cm x H: 2.5in / 6cm


– Small – L: 10in x W: 2in x H: 0.2in – Fits around most wrists
– Large – L: 20in x W: 2in x H: 0.2in – Fits around small thighs / large calfs / large arms
– X-Extra Large – L: 48in x W: 2in x H: 0.2in – Fits around most waists

Slap Band

– L: 13in / 330mm x W: 1.18in / 30mm x H: 0.02in / 2.5mm


– Single usage
– Disposable (dispose after each use)
– Color: Clear
– Double Face: Y

Dual USB Wall Charger

– Dual USB power ports charge 2 devices simultaneously using a single wall socket.
– L: 2.05in / 52mm x W: 1.18in / 30mm x H: 1.18in / 30mm

Micro-USB Y Cable

– USB male to 2x USB micro Y splitter Cable
– 1ft / 12in / 300mm long