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Bluetooth Sensing and Data Logging Platform

For Research and Product development in Consumer, Industrial, and Enterprise Applications.

Capture raw data from heart-rate, GSR, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature, humidity, pressure, color, and light sensors to your phone, tablet, computer or cloud in just a few minutes!

Turnkey Sensor Solutions

Simply deploy the sensors, download the App, capture raw data, and analyze it. Train your sensor to automatically learn behaviors, recognize gestures, and more!

Innovative Solutions for your Supply Chain

Choose from our most popular sensor offerings to get started or work with us to build a custom solution.

The Most Powerful AI for Sensor Data Analysis

See what our Cloud Tools and APIs can do for your project.

Use our SDKs for activity tracking, algorithm development, motion processing, sensor data aggregation and more.

Connect to any Smartphone, Tablet, Hub, or Computer

Speed up product development by referencing our examples and sample projects or by using our open-source fully documented APIs.


Plug and Play Sensor Solutions

We offer complete solutions including wearables, motion sensors, health sensors, environment and asset trackers and much more!

Motion Sensors

$99 – $40

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Industrial Sensors

$99 – $75

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Health Sensors

$199 – $99

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