Sensor fusion

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I am new to sensor fusion . Do you have some example code that I can use for fusing the metawear Cpro data to get the yaw pitch roll? I don't need to do it realtime - can fuse after data collection (python/matlab preferred)


  • Hi pnambiar

    Now I am also looking for sensor fusion. I need to get the yaw pitch roll also. Unfortunately, I can't find it yet. However I found simple code to get pitch and roll. If you want to get yaw also. You have to use sensor fusion. Although, This code is working good for me.

    double roll = Math.Atan2(accel[1], accel[2]) * -57.3;
    double pitch = Math.Atan2((-accel[0]), Math.Sqrt(accel[1] * accel[2] + accel[2] * accel[2])) * -57.3;
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