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Hardware revision [0.3]
Firmware revision [1.5.1]
Model number [5]

OS version: Windows 10
Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R)

hi everybody,
the download of raw data (acc & gyro) from 3 devices is very slow.
before downloading, I configure the sensors, enable recording (Start) and disable recording (stop), and then save the results (save).
this code is then invoked within another code (GUI tkinter).

i programmed in windows to do this (i know windows is no longer supported, but i can't go back anymore).
is there a way to speed up the download? also changing the connection parameters? i know the BLE connection is unstable, but is there still a way to limit the instability?

I am attaching the download code:


  • BluetoothLE is slow so this is normal. There's not much we can do about it, the spec just isn't fast like Wifi or regular Bluetooth.

    Thats why we want to build in USB download into our MMS sensor so you can skip the BLE download altogether.

  • thanks for your answer.

    60 seconds of recording -> 15/20 minutes for download (in the best case). would you expect that long?

    in addition, the time increases proportionally to the distance from the PC of the MMRs during recording.
    Could you recommend me something? any settings in particular?

    I have set these settings:

    could you recommend other values? or other functions?

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    Sounds like the BLE link is not optimal.
    Check your BLE ad settings and try some recommend settings from your os/hardware manufacturer (don't ask, I won't know, you need to google-fu this).
    Check your dongle, maybe it's not very good.
    Turn off other things like Wifi that might share the antenna.
    The closer your board is, the better because ble packets don't get dropped.

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