Unique MAC Address

The MAC address of the device is a unique identifier for each MetaSensor.

Each BLE device (MetaSensors, Bluetooth Beacons, FitBits, Heart rate and Blood pressure monitors, smart watches etc.) has a unique 6-byte MAC address. This address is available in the Advertising packet of the MetaSensor such as: F1:4A:45:90:AC:9D.

You can use the Windows and Android MetaBase App to scan or read the device MAC address.

On Android, the MAC and the signal strength are both easily detected using BluetoothAdapter.LeScanCallback in the SDKs.

On iOS, the MAC is considered private information and is obfuscated by Apple. The MAC in the Ad packet is masked by iOS and replaced by an automatically generated CBUUID.

As such we have made the MAC available via our own MetaSensor SDKs and via the Bluetooth Ad packet for easy and fast retrieval in iOS.

The MAC is also be available on the sticker in the back of your device.