MetaTracker Sensor (MTR)


MetaTracker is available in a square form-factor which is coin-cell powered (replaceable battery). It has a typical battery life of 14 to 75 days and is mainly used in environmental monitoring such as cold cargo. The case is IP57.


Datasheets and Certificates are available on the documentation page.


Sensor Datasheets are available on the previous page MetaSensors.

Troubleshoot any issues by following the steps here.

Steps to get started:


  1. Unbox your MetaTracker.

  2. Turn ON your preferred tablet, smartphone, or computer.

  3. Make sure your device is Bluetooth Low Energy compliant (Bluetooth 4.0 or later - Bluetooth Low Energy) and it is turned on.


  1. The MetaTracker comes with a 600mAH CR2540 coin cell battery. The battery is full.

  2. If your board does not power up, open the back cap of the case by removing the 4 screws and replace the battery.

  3. Insert the new coin cell battery with the + side facing UP into the battery holder.

  4. The device is ON. LEDs will NOT flash or turn ON at this time.

  5. The battery is replaceable ONLY. It is NOT rechargeable.


  1. Use the MetaBase App to quickly program the sensors and retrieve data.

  2. Use the APIs to develop and code your own App.

  3. Use the MetaRom App for joint angle measurements.

  4. Use the MetaBase App for sensor troubleshooting.


  1. Replace the battery with any CR2450 coin cell by untightening the screws holding the case together such as the one available on our store.