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    This buzzer provides audio signaling functions; generally used to emit sounds or alarm.This will alert your user with audio noise feedback.
  • The MetaHub is a bridge for the Bluetooth MetaSensors using WIFI/LAN.The Gateway Hub receives sensor data from MetaSensors and either stores the data on the SD card memory or sends the data to the Cloud of your choice.It can collect data from multiple MetaSensors at the same time. When configured with multiple USB to BLE dongles, the MetaHub detects up to 20 MetaSensors and provides data at up to 100Hz per device.The MetaHub comes with pre-loaded MetaBase software that is used to configure the MetaSensors. The sensor data can be graphed live (streaming mode) on a screen or stored in memory (logging mode).Further technical details are available via the tutorial page or below.
  • 3.0V 600mAH CR2450 coin cell lithium battery.Power your MetaSensor by inserting the battery into the clip on the PCB.
  • SD card

    Micro SD Memory Card (16 GB SDHC - Class 4/10).SanDisk or similar manufacturer.Pre-loaded with Raspbian OS, MetaWear APIs, and MetaBase software.Connect up to 10 sensors at once with ease on a RaspberryPi with MetaBase.
  • License the source code for our MetaBase App.Use the code as a starting block for your own app or to modify it for your project.Available for the following platforms: Android - Java - Android Studio iOS - Swift - Xcode Windows - C# - Visual StudioDelivery via Github or Bitbucket. Send us your username.
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  • Do you have an old sensor that needs new life but you are out of warranty?

    We will replace batteries, fix coin vibration motors, and make minor repairs for a fixed labor and parts fee.

    Send it to us for repair and we will send it back good-as-new within 1 to 2 weeks.

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    License the source code for our MetaHub App.Use the code as a starting block for your own app or to modify it for your project.Available as a RaspberryPi image.