1. Starter Guide

1.1. The Basics


1.2. An Overview

Our platform is best for product development and research.

Our hardware, called MetaSensors, comes in a small package that includes motion and environmental sensors. Our Sensors communicate to Devices including Smartphone, Tablets, Computers, Gateway Hubs and RaspberryPis using Bluetooth Low Energy.

For those who want to develop their own applications, open-source APIs are available.

For those who do not want to write code, free Apps to access Sensor data in real time (streaming) and post time (logging) are available.


There are several components that make up our platform:

  • MetaSensors
    • MetaSensors include the MMC, MMR, and MTR.
    • MetaSensors can stream and/or log sensor data using BluetoothLE.
    • MetaSensors work with the free MetaBase App.
    • MetaSensors are API programmable using our open-source SDKs.
    • MetaSensor firmware is closed source.
  • MetaBase
    • MetaBase is a free iOS, Android, or Windows App available on the App store.
    • MetaBase can connect up to 3 sensors at the same time.
    • Sensor data is timestamped and easy to sync.
  • MetaWear APIs
    • MetaWear APIs can program the Sensors to do things such as log accelerometer data at 10Hz for 1 hour.
    • The following languages are supported: Swift, C++, Javascript, Java, C# and Python.
    • The following platforms are supported: Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • MetaHub Gateway
    • MetaHub is a Bluetooth to WiFi/LAN hub gateway that is built on the RaspberryPi.
    • MetaHub is a link between MetaSensors and other systems (usually a cloud/server).
    • MetaHub can communicate with up to 10 MetaSensors at the same time using multiple Bluetooth dongles.
  • MetaCloud
    • MetaCloud stores all of your MetaSensor data in the cloud (backed by Amazon AWS).
    • MetaCloud is optional (you can use your own cloud if you want).
    • MetaCloud is a Cloud based subscription service starting at $5 per month.