1. MetaGuide

1.1. The Basics

  1. Pick your Kit on the MbientLab store.
  2. Get started on our Getting started page.
  3. Learn more in the appropriate Tutorial sections.
  4. Ask questions on our Forum.
  5. Troubleshoot your issues on our Troubleshooting page.

1.2. An Overview


There are several components that make up our platform:

  • MetaSensors
    • MetaSensors include the MetaMotionC, MetaMotionR, and MetaTracker.
    • MetaSensors can stream or log data from enviroment and motion sensors using Bluetooth.
    • MetaSensors work with the iOS, Android, Linux (MetaHub), or Windows MetaBase App.
    • MetaSensors are API programmable using our SDKs. The firmware is already done for you!
  • MetaBase
    • MetaBase is a free iOS, Android, or Windows App that can be downloaded from the App store. MetaBase for Linux is available on our MetaHub.
    • MetaBase can connect to up to 2 sensors, program the sensors, and retrieve sensor data.
  • MetaWear APIs
    • MetaSensors communicate through the Bluetooth link via a custom protocol.
    • MetaWear APIs can program the Sensors such as log accelerometer data at 10Hz for 1 hour or perform more advanced functions such as send SMS on button press and blink 3 times.
    • This protocol is exposed as APIs in C, C# and Java. The following languages are supported as wrappers around our APIs: Swift, C++, Javascript, and Python.
    • The following platforms are supported with our APIs: Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • MetaHub Gateway
    • MetaHub is a Bluetooth to WiFi/LAN link between MetaSensors and other systems.
    • MetaHub can communicate with up to 20 MetaSensors at the same time using Bluetooth dongles.
    • Make your own MetaHub using our tutorials or purchase a MetaHub pre-loaded with our software through our store.
  • MetaCloud
    • MetaCloud stores all of your MetaSensor data.
    • MetaCloud can be accessed anywhere and also includes basic data processing functionality.
    • MetaCloud is a Cloud based subscription service.